A Simple & Powerful Point Of Sale

Faster POS Once your customers are ready for billing, they expect you to take care of billing quickly. And that’s exactly what our Point Of Sale (POS) helps you do, with a number of automated mechanisms…

Integrated with the appointment book

The POS generates an invoice based on the appointment book’s booked services. An integrated appointment book means that your front desk simply needs to collect payment, not build the invoice. You can choose to accept payment upfront or after the customer’s appointment.

Redeems against package and membership

The POS tracks balance against any memberships or series package purchases. So, it’s easy for front desk to redeem services against these balances as well as add other payment types to an invoice. POS Invoice The POS tracks package redemptions, records tips and accepts multiple payment types

Sell Gift Cards, Packages, Memberships, and Products

Whether it’s through your POS or your online store (via Zenoti – formerly ManageMySpa) – we make it easy to sell more than just services. The POS tracks all sales and assigns commissions to employees based on their commission plan.

Discounting that’s controlled and flexible

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to award discounts – whether it’s part of a one-time promotion, on-going perk like a “Friends & Family” plan or an unexpected discount given to an unhappy customer. Our system allows you to limit front desk to a maximum discount value (you set that value) and managers to another limit. The system also knows to apply promotional or other discounts to customers for faster and more accurate billing. And finally, you have access to reports, so you know exactly how much you’re giving away in discounts.

All the basics and more

Zenoti takes care of all your basic billing needs, and more. Whether you need to split a payment between multiple payment methods (e.g. gift card and credit card), split tips between multiple employees, or accept group invoices.   Thousands of spas, salons and medi-spas use Zenoti. Learn about our appointment book, online booking, billing, marketing and more – request a demo.

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