A Modern, Mobile Experience In Your Spa and Salon

Modernize Your Spa or Salon Have you considered giving your salon or spa a digital makeover? From instant online bookings, to an intelligent POS to automated marketing to easy inventory management – here’s how you can reimagine your spa or salon with a modern and mobile experience across your operations.   7 Receipt Marketing Tactics

1. Convenient Registrations

Guests can fill intake forms directly from their phone or tablet, and from the convenience of their home.

2. Easy Booking Options

Guests can book last minute appointments with a few clicks.

3. A Digital Experience

You store guests’ signatures electronically on consent forms. Digital service menus make it easy for you to update specials, test out new pricing and promote retail and other services to your guests.

4. Marketing Made Easy

Your marketing on auto-pilot will bring in more revenue without constant effort from you. Lapsed guests receive “we miss you” emails, and every guest receive personalized product, service and home care recommendations.

5. Save Time & Drive Profitability

Go beyond basic POS and booking capabilities by supporting the front desk to start highly personalized engagements, and meet front desk profitability goals.

6. Chair Side Upgrades

Stylists can add a service to the guest’s appointment directly from their phone; the front desk’s appointment book and the guest invoice automatically update for fast checkout.

7. Access to Guest Data

Therapists have access to and can capture guest notes, consultation and treatment data. This helps your staff provide highly personalized experiences and works within a seamless digital system for your business.

8. Fast Physical Stock Counts

Wireless barcode scanners make physical counts fast and accurate. You’ll be able to more easily maintain the right stock levels and cut down on shrinkage.

9. Real-Time Reports

Managers have access to exactly the reports they need without any manual effort. They spend their time helping to grow the business and speaking to guests rather than doing administrative work.

10. Monitor the Appointment Book and Guest Check Ins

Staff see when appointments are added and when their clients check in – they’re in the know without having to interrupt the front desk.

11.Staff Has Access to the Data They Want

Staff can track their appointments, payroll details and performance against retail, pre-booking and other goals. Staff also has access to things like their own appointment and work schedule. The front desk, management and service providers will be aligned at all times. Already a Zenoti customer, wanting to complete the modern experience? Contact support for upgrading your plan or get more details about our add-ons. If you’re not a Zenoti client – contact us for a demo!

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