7 Reasons Why Your Salon or Spa Needs a Loyalty Program

7 Reasons Why You Need a Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs are a great way to create a personalized experience for your clients and encourage them to spend more. Through a well-structured program, businesses will be able to increase their revenue while clients are able to earn and redeem points on services, products, and more.

1) Create Incentives for Clients to Spend More

A Loyalty Program is a great way to encourage clients to come in and spend. They will be encouraged to spend more in order to earn points, which can be redeemed on rewards such as a Signature Pedicure or upsell service. In Zenoti, clients can keep track of their loyalty points through the online store/app or digital loyalty points statements.

2) Repeat Clients

Through loyalty programs, clients are encouraged to become repeat customers. The incentives to earn and redeem points will result in repeat visits and higher spending.

3) Reward Clients for Referrals

Clients will be encouraged to send referrals to your business when included in your Loyalty program. This is an effective way to encourage referrals and reward your clients. Through Zenoti, you can send out a personalized Thank You email/sms for each referral and they will be delighted to earn points.

4) Reward Loyal Clients with Special Promotions such as Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great way to reward clients especially as the holidays draw near. This is a great time of year to promote Loyalty Rewards and offer an incentive for clients to spend more, such as a $20 gift card for each $150 purchase. The holidays will be a great time to offer this reward as gift cards are a common purchase for family, friends, coworkers and teachers.

5) Reward clients for Purchasing a Membership or Booking Online

A Loyalty Points program is a great way to encourage clients to earn points on additional items, such as purchasing a membership or booking an appointment through the Online Store. These are great incentives for clients to earn additional points and repeat their business. Memberships will create a steady revenue flow for the business and booking online will save time for the Front Desk.

6) Marketing Campaigns for Loyalty Points Clients

Marketing campaigns are an effective way to keep clients aware of the Loyalty program and offer special promotions through SMS or email. For example, an annual holiday event that offers special deals for Loyalty Points is a great incentive for clients to come in and spend more.

7) Promote Loyalty Points Program through Social Media

Promoting Loyalty Points programs through social media such as Facebook and Instagram will be a great way for clients to be aware of the program and promotions. Social media is a powerful tool for keeping clients aware of the program and they will be encouraged to spend more. It will also be effective in spreading the word and attracting new clients.

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