6 Ways To Boost Retail Sales

Boost Retail Sales

The International Spa Association (ISPA), reports that retail sales typically contribute 10-15% of overall revenue in a spa or salon. At Zenoti, some of our clients see 20-40% of revenue coming from retail. If you’re interested in boosting your retail sales, check out the following 6 tips.

#1 – Cross-Sell Products With Services

Identify appropriate products for each service so you can make the right recommendations. By looking at a customers’ service history, product purchases, spending habits or other characteristics, you’ll be able to make the right product-service pairings.

With Zenoti, you can automate your recommendations for every single customer. For example, if a customer comes in for an anti-aging skin treatment, Zenoti can suggest anti-aging skin care products during booking, help you encourage the sales while they’re at the center, print a coupon on the customer’s bill for a future purchase and even send a product promotion (all automatically!) days after the customer’s visit.

#2 – Send Product Refill Reminders

Customers who already bought retail products are most likely to purchase them again from you. You can encourage sales with product refill reminders. Zenoti automates the process for you with Always On Campaigns™.

By combining the power of automated reminders and an online store that supports product sales, you can make it highly convenient for your customers to buy retail products.

#3 – Link Loyalty Programs To Retail

If you already have a loyalty point or rewards program, extend the rewards to retail purchases. Need to move products that are about to expire? – award double points.

#4 – Encourage Employees To Sell Retail

Employees are still the key. Set clear revenue goals and commissions for retail sales. With Zenoti, it’s easy to identify the best performers as well as the best overall center performance (if you have a network of salons and spas) – make it a practice to learn from the best and train your staff.

#5 – Sell Retail Products Online

Selling retail on your website attracts new customers and provides them an easy way to purchase their favorite products from you. Ideally, your system should also encourage visitors to purchase products during the online booking process with product recommendations based on the services chosen.

#6 – Ensure You’re Always Stocked With The Right Products

Managing inventory effectively requires a number of things to come together. But, at the core, you don’t want to lose revenue opportunity because you’re out of stock. Not only are you letting the customer go empty-handed, you could also be hurting future sales.

Zenoti makes it easy to avoid under-stocking (and over-stocking) with real-time stock management, automated low level alerts and even auto-creation of Purchase Orders.

If you want to learn more about why leading spa, salon and medspa brands are using Zenoti software – request a free demo.

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