6 reasons why you should open a Shopify-integrated online site before reopening.

Opening an online retail store offers the perfect opportunity to reach new and existing customers and create new habits in a post-COVID world. Afterall, your customers already love you. They love your online booking platform experience – adopting your online retail store is an easy next step. So, why not deliver more of what they love 24/7?

Zenoti makes integrating with Shopify simple, helping you generate sales online by keeping your virtual doors open and developing new buying habits with your customers. 

The COVID-19 crisis severely limited guest mobility – this reality makes online e-commerce channels essential for the spa and salons to drive revenue. Recent data reveal the trend in consumer behavior toward online retail purchases from 2019 to 2020. Consumers are 30.6% more likely to make online purchases and consumers using mobile devices during in-store experience jumped from 49.6 percent to 72.1 percent.

Zenoti’s integration with Shopify helps you take advantage of these trends by enabling additional revenue via data-driven strategies. Here’s how:

1. Supports business growth through product sales. Zenoti customers have already seen increases in product sales using the new Shopify integration. 

2. Deepens your customer insights, Zenoti’s integration with Shopify allows you deeper insight into your customers’ buying patterns while opening their eyes to new ways to enjoy all your business has to offer. A single inventory catalog makes reporting and analysis simple within Zenoti.

3. Makes inventory a snap. With Zenoti’s integration with Shopify, you easily keep track of all your inventory within Zenoti. Bookkeeping is a snap!

Your online retail presence – with Zenoti’s seamless Shopify integration – also works to keep your business top of the customers’ minds, all while meeting their demands. Here’s how:

4. Inspires customer loyalty. With experts predicting 16.1% of all retail sales will happen online in 2020, you deliver the products customers love while strengthening relationships – all from their home.

5. Engages and re-engages with special promotions, playful messages keep you on your customers’ minds.

6. Creates new customer habits surrounding your brand, a 24/7 online presence allows you to meet customer needs whenever they arise.

If you’re ready to start an online retail store, now’s the right time. Contact us today and unlock new growth. 

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