4 Ways to Encourage Your Spa or Salon Clients via SMS

During a time when a lot of us are cooped up inside our homes, it’s important to have human connection. Whether this means calling elderly family members or FaceTiming your friends, encouragement helps all of us to feel good and have the courage to overcome tough circumstances. 

If you’re a spa or salon owner, you might also be looking for new ways to connect with your loyal customers, especially during a time when you might not be seeing them in person. Luckily, with the technology we have today, you can encourage your customers from your home to theirs through texting! 

Why texting is a great way to connect with customers

  1. Encourages positivity despite the negative news. Sending a thoughtful message to clients during a time when the negativity from news and social media is overwhelming is a great way to associate your brand with upbeat positivity! Who doesn’t want that?!
  2. Texting feels personal. How do you feel when a company sends you an impersonal email blast? Probably pretty disconnected. A nice text to your customers, encouraging them to stay upbeat or hoping that they’re staying happy and healthy feels much more personal!
  3. No complicated platforms needed – just your phone! While emails often require marketing automation software, texting just requires you, your thumbs, and a smartphone! Easy peasy. 
  4. Supporting your customers inspires them to support you. A kind and genuine note via text can remind customers to book out an appointment for their summer cut and color, or maybe even purchase needed products from your online store! Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Encouragement is part of what you do

The fact of the matter is, your customers are likely already used to receiving encouragement from you. The wonderful thing about the beauty and wellness industry is that your customers trust you on a personal level – they tell you about their recent divorce or their feelings around their children heading off to college. They trust you enough to change some of the most personal details in their appearance – the color of their hair or the length of their eyelashes. 

Most likely, they’re in a similar situation to you, and would welcome an encouraging text from their favorite esthetician, massage therapist, or hairstylist. Reach out to them today!

For more information and resources to deal with COVID-19, please visit our special resource page.

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