This New Year in 2012 – Real Results with Zenoti

With every new year we all look to set goals to improve our business and personal lives. At Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa), our only corporate culture and mantra is “Customer Success” which means not just having happy customers but working towards driving real results at businesses that rely on Zenoti. With that in mind, we have launched  “Real Results” initiative – a drive towards ensuring that we deliver on all the results that our software promised when you made the decision to select Zenoti to power your business.

Real Results has a combination of seven different guides on getting real results from Zenoti in different areas of the service:


  • Streamline Administration and Accounting
  • Personalizing Customer Experiences
  • Automate Employee Administration
  • Inventory Management to reduce costs
  • Avoid Pilferage of Service Revenue
  • Increase Revenues from existing guests
  • Improve Customer Loyalty

The real results guides are not a replacement for training guides. They are a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the end result in your business. Often several steps involve actions outside of the software to achieve the end result at the business. It would be advisable to pick the specific areas which are the biggest current pain points in your organization and get results in those areas then move into other improvements. The Real Results program information is accessible directly from within the Zenoti software. Click on the “help” icon in the appointment book to find the links to our Learning Center and Real Results sections of our service.