Your October Upgrade is Here

October Upgrade

Your Zenoti account was upgraded with the latest features on October 15. It’s our first release under our new brand name. In case you missed it, you can read about it here.

We’ve got an exciting line up of enhancements in Appointment Book, Memberships and Employee Management. Let’s get straight into what’s new.

New Updates This April

Responsive design, Xero integration, time-based discounts, and more!


Your Zenoti account will be upgraded on April 7th. We schedule maintenance at night, so your daily operations are not disturbed. The April upgrade includes enhancements to responsive design, Xero integration, time-based discounts, and more. read more

How Profitable Is Your Services Menu?

Put A Number On It With Our Profitability Report

Profitability Reports One of the many hidden gems in Zenoti’s reports infrastructure is the profitability report. With this report, quickly assess how each of your services, service categories, products or product categories are working to drive profitability for your business.