The Right Way To Handle Negative Feedback In Your Spa Or Salon


Negative feedback often means that you’ve lost a customer’s loyalty. If that wasn’t bad enough, if that negative review makes it online, you could also lose many potential customers. It’s more important than ever to handle negative feedback the right way using salon and spa software.

In this post, I offer a few tips on how to handle negative feedback.

Make It Easy For Customers To Submit Feedback

The first step in dealing with negative feedback is to ensure you’re collecting feedback from as many of your customers as you can. This helps you deal with unhappy customers quickly, but also helps you collect positive reviews that you’re going to put to use!

To increase your feedback collection:

  • Ensure that every customer has the opportunity to enter feedback (i.e. you don’t want staff to be able to filter who is offered a feedback form).
  • Make it easy and accessible for customers. This means no lengthy surveys, their comments can be private and perhaps there’s even an incentive to submit feedback (Zenoti salon and spa software allows you to award loyalty points for feedback submission).

Get Feedback Quickly

Requesting feedback immediately after the appointment helps to address an unhappy customer in your spa or salon where you can still turn the situation around.

An effective method at encouraging immediate submission of feedback is to accept feedback input on a mobile device – like an iPad. Your customers are undoubtedly comfortable with mobile devices, and with digital input you have the added advantage of ensuring that feedback isn’t altered by staff to cover up anything negative.

And, the digital format makes it possible for your salon and spa software to trigger a text (sms) alert to a manager when negative feedback is submitted. This is a great tool that ensures your managers can deal with negative feedback promptly.

Respond To Negative Feedback Promptly

Respond to customers that submitted negative feedback immediately, preferably before your customer leaves your spa or salon. If you address the customer right away, you can prevent a negative review from going online.

Communicating face-to-face or even over the phone ensures that an unhappy customer can’t publicize your email or private message conversation.  Just as importantly, by dealing with the customer immediately you prevent the issue from escalating and can resolve the issue quickly.

Follow Through On Issues

If your customer took the time to report an issue, be sure to have a system in place that allows you to capture the issue, assign an owner and easily track an issue through to closure. This system in salon and spa software helps you manage issues that can be addressed immediately or something that might take longer to fix. Either way, by informing the customer when the issue has been resolved, you’ll convert an unhappy customer into a loyal one.

Flood Negative Reviews Online With Positive Reviews

Your business will have some negative reviews, and the bigger you are the more negative reviews you’ll see being posted online.  While you can’t remove negative reviews from online sites, you can flood those sites with actual customer positive reviews.

You’ve already ensured that you’re consistently asking for feedback, you’ll also want to get customer permission to share their feedback online. With Zenoti’s salon and spa software, you can have the system award loyalty points every time a customer submits feedback and allows you to share that feedback.

Flood your online presences like Facebook, Twitter and even your own services menu with real, authentic glowing reviews, and you’ll effectively drown out those other negative reviews.

Feedback On Services Menu In The Webstore

After you get negative feedback in your spa or salon or online, personalize the response by talking to the customer face-to-face if they are still in your store, or call them. By doing this you make your response more effective.

You’re never going to like receiving negative feedback, but there are tactics, processes and even salon and spa software features that can help you handle negative feedback.

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