Prevent No-Shows And Late Cancellations

Keep Your Appointment Book Full

No-shows and last minute cancellations result in revenue loss for your spa or salon, under-utilized staff and a loss in commissions and tips for your service providers. While no-shows are a reality for any service business, the right business processes can help you mitigate the number of occurrences. Read on for a few ideas.

1.    Send Appointment Reminders Via SMS (Text Message)

It’s common for customers to get the date or time of their appointment wrong, or even forget about their appointment altogether. If you’re doing a good job of rebooking appointments a month in advance, then it’s all the more likely that your appointment has fallen off their radar. Sending an appointment reminder a day before the appointment is effective for both your customer and you. They have time to adjust their schedule and you’ll have time to re-fill the customer’s slot if they cancel.

Automate your appointment reminders with your booking software – you’ll be sure every customer receives a reminder without any manual effort from your staff.

2.    Enforce Cancellation And No-Show Policies

Many spas and salons charge customers a no-show or late cancellation fee. Consider whether this fits your business style and customer expectations. Fees are usually defined as a flat dollar amount and is non-refundable. However, if you offer low priced services, you may want to consider implementing a fee that is a percentage of the services the customer booked. (Check out our blog post “Enforce Cancellation And No-Show Fees” for more info on how Zenoti supports cancellation and no-show fees.)

3.    Automate Confirmation Of Appointments With 2-Way SMS

2-way SMS is a fully automated way to enforce that customers confirm their appointments. Your software sends out a request for a confirmation the day before the appointment via SMS. Your customer would then have to respond via SMS simply by responding with a “Yes” to confirm the appointment. (Read our blog “Automate Appointment Confirmations With 2-Way SMS” to see how it works. This feature is available in some regions only.)

Automatic confirmations can prevent a significant portion of your no-shows and last minute cancellations.

4.     Automate Confirmation Of Appointments With Email

Similar to 2-way SMS confirmations, you can have your booking software   send a confirmation email. The customer simply clicks a link in the email to confirm they are coming in. Their response automatically updates their appointment’s status to “confirmed” in your appointment book.

5.    Manually Confirm Appointments

Your Zenoti appointment book uses color coding to indicate which appointments have been confirmed. You can implement a business process where your front desk is responsible for calling and confirming each appointment at the start of the day. If you’re using 2-way SMS or email confirmations, then much of the appointment book should already show confirmed appointments.

If your front desk simply can’t follow-up with all unconfirmed customers for the day, consider following up only with those guests that have a history of not showing up. Zenoti makes it easy to identify these customers by displaying the ‘No-Show Guest’ icon in the customer’s appointment block.

Appointment Block - No Show Guest Icon

Communicate politely to these customers – “We missed you at your last appointment and I’m calling to confirm if we’ll be seeing you today for your appointment at 4. Should I confirm your appointment?” That in-person interaction is a great way to put the pressure on your customer to give you an honest response!

If you are a Zenoti customer and need guidance on any of these techniques, contact support.

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