9 Cupid Inspired Ideas For Your Spa Or Salon This Valentine’s


Valentine's Month of Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for spas and salons as gifts of beauty and wellness fit so well with our business. And, you get the additional opportunity to treat your customers extra special. While Valentine’s Day is only a single day, we think you can use the holiday to attract customers during the entire month of February. In this post, I’ve rounded up 9 ideas for you to create a special and more profitable Valentine’s month.

Thinking Of Starting a Spa or Salon?


A Killer Business Plan

If you’re thinking of starting your own spa or salon, you’ll need to make an investment in your time and most likely money. Our advice - take the time to create a business plan. The process of creating a business plan ensures you'll fully understand and plan for all aspects of building a successful spa or salon.

How Enrich Salons Sold $11,000 In Memberships Online Over A Single Weekend


Vikram Bhatt, director at Enrich

When Vikram Bhatt, director at Enrich, realized that customers were increasingly engaging online, he knew he stumbled on an untapped business opportunity.

In January of 2014, Enrich launched their webstore - part of their Zenoti solution that enables customers to browse their service menu, self-book appointments and purchase memberships, packages and gift cards from Enrich’s website.

Drive Gift Card Sales With Facebook


Drive Gift Card Sales With Facebook

Your gift cards should be contributing significantly to your revenue. While there are a number of ways to encourage existing customers to buy gift cards, are you selling to an audience that goes beyond your customer base?

Whether you sell paper gift certificates, plastic gift cards or (preferably) have the ability to sell your gift cards online, consider using Facebook to promote and encourage gift card sales.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – Online Booking For Your Spa Or Salon

best thing since sliced bread

Online booking isn’t new, but certainly an increasingly powerful tool for spas and salons.

If you don’t already allow customers to book appointments online – via your website or a mobile app – or if your online isn’t driving customer loyalty, engaging customers or making operations easier for you  – this is a must read article on why customer self-booking is so critical in today’s world. Read more

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