Automate Appointment Confirmations With 2-Way SMS


Automate Confirmation with 2-Way SMS No-shows and late cancellations impact the bottom line in most salons, spas or medi-spas. If you require your front desk to manually confirm appointments, they’re likely spending significant amounts of time calling guests. And if you don’t have a process to mitigate no-shows and cancellations – this fully automated capability will help your bottom line.

Split Tips With Ease


Split Tips It’s now easier to split tips in Zenoti. Consider a common scenario where a customer comes in for multiple services and during billing provides the receptionist with instructions on how to split the tip between her service providers.

Upsell Your Spa To Hotel Guests


Software Integration

If you run a spa or salon that’s part of a hotel or resort, you have different needs from a typical day spa. One of your biggest assets is that you have a captive audience that you can convert into customers. By integrating your software with the hotel’s software you have the ability to better leverage the hotel guest list and drive business to your spa.

13 Ways To Go Paperless With Zenoti


Go paperless

Going paperless saves you money, time, effort, and valuable space in your salon or spa. You’ll also see increased productivity from staff and you’ll never lose or misplace important data. All that, and you help save the environment. Check out 13 ways our customers go paperless with Zenoti …

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