Effective Loyalty Program using Loyalty Points

Set Up an Effective Loyalty Program using Loyalty Points

You can now define your own loyalty program using loyalty points, built into the system. Loyalty points enable you to reward guests for their loyalty to your business and better yet, encourage guests to continue visiting.

You define how many points you want to reward a guest for purchasing any service, package or product. The system automatically tracks these points. Once a guest has accumulated enough points, she may wish to use the points to purchase additional services or products.

Managers can use loyalty points to attract new guests and keep your existing ones coming back. Track the success and any risks using reports.

Store Additional Information for Guests and Services Using Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to store additional information for guests and services. Depending on your business’ specific needs, you can define what data to store!

Need to store skin type, allergies, or even product preferences to deliver top-notch service? Want to store a guest’s company of employment for future marketing programs? Now you can, using custom fields.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use custom fields

New Daily Report – Deleted Appointments

Access the new daily report ‘Deleted Appointments’ from the Admin screen. Use this report to monitor for malpractice from reception. This report shows all appointments from the day to ensure no revenue is unaccounted.


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