Have Places to Go? You Can With Zenoti Mobile Applications

Whether you’re in an airport, a train station, or on the road, stay connected to your spa or salon using Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) Mobile Applications. The current platforms that are supported include:

With our mobile application, you can track various aspects of your business directly from your mobile device.Examples include:


  • Android Phones
    eg (Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Incredible, HTC Desire and HTC Evo 3D)
  • Tablets based on Android platform
    eg (Samsung Galaxy Tab)
  • Apple’s iPhone
  • Apple’s iPad
    • Monitor projected performance for the day
    • See the appointment book for the day
    • Review customer feedback for any appointment
    • For any customer who gave negative feedback, review their history and directly call the guest –no putting it off and waiting to get back to a computer
    • Review individual employee performance – great for one-one reviews with employees
    • Do a full inventory audit in a center by walking around with your mobile device
    • Review online reports
    • And much mor

Being productive and staying in touch with your business has never been so easy.