Go Paperless With Your Forms

Paperless FormsIf you’re using physical intake forms, consultation details or capture customer signatures for legal compliance, it’s time to consider going digital.

With digital forms, your front desk will no longer lose time to file and retrieve forms, you’ll save valuable space, and will never misplace files that can lead to loss of revenue through employee and customer pilferage. And, digital forms support multi-center chains with easier (and controlled) access to records so your customers can visit any center.

With Zenoti, you can take a variety of forms digital, for example –

1. Capture patient info with digital intake forms

With digital intake forms you can email patients as soon as they book their appointment with an intake form.  Or, hand your customers an iPad or other tablet with your intake form when they come in.

You create a form that captures the details you need. Their info saves automatically with their profile, which makes accessing their data by appropriate staff, at any center, easy and quick.

Intake Form
Figure-1: A sample intake form for a slimming treatment

2. Store customer signatures

Capture each customer’s digital signature for your own legal protection.

Digital Signature
Figure-2: Capture digital signatures


3. Capture consultation details digitally

Doctors and other service providers can record consultation details relevant to the customer’s appointment. For example, a different form is available for a weight loss package versus a therapeutic massage. When the customer comes in for follow-up visits, service providers can access consultation details from prior visits.

Consultation Form
Figure-3: A sample consultation form for Botox treatment


Zenoti is a complete software for spas, salons and medi-spas. Our mobile apps make it possible for you to go paperless with your forms. These work on a variety of tablets and smart phones and are available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

If you’re a Zenoti client and would like to go paperless with your forms, contact Customer Support.

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