Feature Updates in Zenoti – November 2011

Payment Due and Birthday Alerts
About to make an appointment for a customer who has payments due or a birthday coming up? Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) now automatically alerts reception with outstanding payments before an appointment is even entered. This makes it easy for reception staff to remind customers to bring in money to close earlier due payments.

If the customer’s birthday is within 30 days of the appointment they are booking, Zenoti will alert reception to wish them and / or make an offer meaningful to customer.

Tracking and Reporting on Partial Payments
Zenoti makes it easy to track all partial payments for services, packages and memberships in the system. The software provides reports to review partial payments and amounts due across centers, and emails you new amounts due in the daily reports. You can review each customer’s history of any partial amounts due in their profile.

Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards
Zenoti now supports “Prepaid Cards”- customers can now make advance payments, the amount will be put on a “prepaid card”. The software allows you to specify whether a card is a “Prepaid” or “Gift” card. At a later date this amount can be redeemed towards a specific purchase by the customer.