Feature Updates in Zenoti – January 2012

Track and Act on Customer Feedback
Want to track that every negative feedback from a guest is actually followed up and improvements are made? Now Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) can automatically create a list of issues from each feedback that was either below a rating of 3 OR a customer specifically wrote comments in feedback form. Track all your issues in the Loyalty module and easily monitor that all issues are taken to Closed status. Make continuous improvements easily and follow up with guests while ensuring no feedback is overlooked.

Daily Report of Customer Issues
Zenoti now sends out a listing of all old OPEN customer issues and any NEW issues each day along with your daily reports. It has never been more easy to stay abreast on all the pending actions from customer feedback across all centers.

See Progress of Results for your Customers
Zenoti allows you to define custom fields for each service – track weight of customer with each appointment, skin conditions or other similar parameters. Now with a single click see the trendline of how this changed over the course of multiple appointments for a specific customer. When seeing the custom fields for a specific appointment simply click on  “Show Trends”  and you can see how the customer’s weight or skin condition changed over each appointment.