Feature Updates in Zenoti – Jan 2013

At midnight On Jan 16th, your system was upgraded with updates and additions to the inventory capabilities, as follows:


Additional Info Across All Inventory Pages
Category, Sub Category, Product Name Search, Units, Code, Quantity have been added to every page to for easier reporting and reconciliation.

‘Stock Levels’ Is Now Called ‘Current Stock’
You used to have a link on the dashboard called “Stock Levels”, this is now called “Current Stock”. The page  now shows starting product inventory, shows all the inflows quantities, outflow quantities, current quantities and the ‘dollar’ value of the each product. Changes make it easy for front desk to track product histories since the last audit and reconciliation.

Checkout and Conversion Pages
These updated pages now show the current quantity in stores and on the floor, so you have this info on hand before checking out or converting any products.  The system will restrict a checkout or conversion if the quantity of the product is zero.  This alerts staff to low stock levels for creating a PO or conducting a transfer.

Audit Page
The audit page now shows the quantity, unit and code of the product to make audit entries easier and quicker. This helps provide clarity especially when a single product is available in various unit sizes.

Reconcile Page
This page has been simplified with table columns identical to those in the Current Stock page.  You can now reconcile an audit without any additional calculations, which makes the audit and reconcile process faster.

Value Report
This report now loads faster! The report was also updated to include the value and tax for store and floor separately. This helps warehouses and centers  review the value of the product based on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method for any given day.

Consumption Report
This report helps you track the quantities and value of the product based on transaction types including product sales, usage in a service, checkout, transfers, purchases. Managers can use this data  for monthly product value computations.

Alert Report
Performance has been improved in this page. This report alerts you to order products below your minimum quantity level.

Audit History
This new report shows you a history of audits and reconciliations. Select a date range, search for a product for that product’s history. Click on a reconcile date to see that day’s data.

Orders History
This new report  shows the quantity of a product ordered for a specified date range. This helps you estimate how much you are ordering, receiving and the value so that you can tweak your purchase and transfer processes.

Printing of Orders
New center level fields allow you to enter a disclaimer or other text to be printed in the order summary.  These prints are no longer called ‘order summary’ in the system, but show the title as Purchase Order, Transfer Order or Tax Invoice as appropriate.  The dates that the status of the order changed is now shown in this page.

Variants in Consumption of Product in Services
Previously you could indicate only a single quantity of a product as being consumed in a service.  We now allow you to specify any quantity for consumption. You can also specify a list of products to  choose from for a service; this is done when the service ticket is closed.

Backdating of Orders
You can no longer back date an order past a reconciled audit.  This ensures that your historical data is not changed due to an inadvertent backdating.


You can now restrict the usage of the credit amount in the membership to limited services (selected in the benefits page).  This gives you additional control for how you create memberships.


Sales Report
Invoices of all status will be shown in the Sales Report allowing you to do a quick reconciliation of  missing invoice numbers.  This especially useful for POS bills.


Analytics now sync automatically with your live data every 2 hrs. This  helps you to analyze your business with more current data!