Sell More Retail Online – It’s Easy

Sell More Retail Online

We all know that we’re supposed to have an online store to sell more retail. But, it might seem overwhelming, especially as you still have your salon or spa to run. The good news is that these days it’s easy to set up and maintain an online store. (If you don’t already have an online store, Zenoti has an easy solution for you, contact us.)

If you do have an online store, check out our 8 tips to increasing your online retail sales...

6 Ways To Boost Retail Sales

Boost Retail Sales ISPA reports that retail sales typically contribute 10-15% of overall revenue in a spa or salon. At Zenoti, some of our clients see 20-40% of revenue coming from retail. If you’re interested in boosting your retail sales, check out these 6 tips.

Drive Gift Card Sales With Facebook

Drive Gift Card Sales With Facebook

Your gift cards should be contributing significantly to your revenue. While there are a number of ways to encourage existing customers to buy gift cards, are you selling to an audience that goes beyond your customer base?

Whether you sell paper gift certificates, plastic gift cards or (preferably) have the ability to sell your gift cards online, consider using Facebook to promote and encourage gift card sales.

5 Tips to Sell More Gift Cards

Gift cards for your spa or salon

People buy gifts, especially during the holidays, but really throughout the year. If you’re a savvy business owner, you can add significant revenue to your spa or salon with higher gift cards sales.  We wanted to share 5 tips that are sure-fire ways to increase gift card sales: read more