Automate The Ordering Process For Effective Inventory Management

Automated Purchase Orders Running out of professional or retail products impacts your bottom line whether the customer walks out or simply is disappointed. However, any salon or spa manger knows how difficult and tedious of a task inventory management can be. Zenoti makes it easier with end-to-end inventory management that includes automated creation of purchase orders based on low stock levels.

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Save Big On Inventory Expense

Inventory expense

Inventory accounts for significant expense in any spa, salon or medi-spa. With the right reports and inventory management processes, you’ll be able to identify areas of excess expenditure and cut down on inventory shrinkage.

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Dealing with Pilferage in Your Spa or Salon

Dealing with PilferagePilferage could possibly be impacting your spa or salon’s bottom line in a big way. The bad news is that pilferage is largely invisible as staff and customers can get creative when they want to steal from your spa or salon.

At Zenoti, we’ve talked to a number of customers and found some common themes. For you to deal with pilferage, you’ll need to find an approach of your own. But I’ve offered a few examples of how pilferage often occurs, and ideas on how to mitigate these.

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