New Updates This June


June 2015 upgrade

Our June upgrade includes many exciting enhancements. As always, our support team is available to provide more information, answer questions and take feedback.


You’ll notice significant changes to our UI in the appointment book, admin screens and reports. Changes include a new color theme and fonts, which are intended to enhance the user experience. You will also notice some changes to the left side menu in the admin screen.



Stripe is a payment gateway provider and now integrated with Zenoti. Using Stripe, you can store credit card details for payments made on location as well as online through the webstore. read more

Silkor Saves Managers 75 Hours Every Month At Every Branch


Silkor Saves Managers 75 Hours Every Month  At Every Branch

Zenoti’s fully integrated solution means that Amal’s team now spends minimal time on administrative tasks and has fewer disruptions to the business. As Amal states, “Zenoti straight away took out more than 3 hours of a manager’s work every day. Every month, each branch saves 75 hours of management time. And that’s time that our managers are now able to spend on growing the business.” alt = "Silkor Saves Managers 75 Hours Every Month At Every Branch" read more

New Updates This April



Your Zenoti account will be upgraded on April 7th. We schedule maintenance at night, so your daily operations are not disturbed. The April upgrade includes enhancements to responsive design, Xero integration, time-based discounts, and more. read more

New Updates This December


December Upgrade

Your Zenoti account was upgraded with the latest features on Dec 2nd. We’ve added powerful features like the ability to include retail products as part of a package, or as a pre-requisite to a package, support for sophisticated discount programs, the ability to enforce end of day register closure, a new tier based loyalty points program, new reports and more.

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