6 Ways To Fill An Empty Schedule

Ideas That Work

It’s every spa and salon’s nightmare – an empty schedule. Not only are you not bringing in revenue, but low employee and room utilization mean you’re burning cash by the hour. Check out some of our ideas on how to fill an empty schedule.

Prevent No-Shows And Late Cancellations

Keep Your Appointment Book Full

No-shows and last minute cancellations result in revenue loss for your spa or salon, under-utilized staff and a loss in commissions and tips for your service providers. While no-shows are a reality for any service business, the right business processes can help you mitigate the number of occurrences. Read on for a few ideas.

Automate Appointment Confirmations With 2-Way SMS

Automate Confirmation with 2-Way SMS No-shows and late cancellations impact the bottom line in most salons, spas or medi-spas. If you require your front desk to manually confirm appointments, they’re likely spending significant amounts of time calling guests. And if you don’t have a process to mitigate no-shows and cancellations – this fully automated capability will help your bottom line.

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