Bioessence benefits strategically with Zenoti as their med spa management software


Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero, founder and CEO of the Bioessence beauty clinic, has taken her brand from a home-based business in 1994, to one of the biggest and most respected brands in the Philippines.

With more than 25 locations now open, Dr. Beleno-Guerrero recognized when they launched their tenth clinic that they needed a true enterprise software solution. Their search ended when they learned of Zenoti at a tradeshow, and a follow up demo cinched the deal.

Both Dr. Beleno-Guerrero and Bioessence Senior Vice President, Joseph Feliciano, agree Zenoti is the strategic partner they need to reach and exceed their business goals. “I believe that the Zenoti team has one thing in mind,” said Mr. Feliciano. “They want Zenoti to really be able to help our business become more successful.”

Hear why Bioessence puts their trust in Zenoti:

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