A Better Way To Drive Business


If you’re a business interested in making data-driven decisions, you’ll want to check out the new and improved Zenoti Analytics. Enhancements provide a richer customer experience and improved performance; some highlights include:

  • Improved dashbaords
    We edited and edited our old dashboards; the result is more meaningful visualizations that pull from a broader set of data across customer retention, customer behavior, footfall trends, employee performance and more.
  • View your KPI dashboards in real-time
    No more manual effort to collect and collate data; Zenoti analytics pulls the data you need into the views that you want.
  • Create custom dashboards
    Does your business have unique processes and reporting needs? Not a problem, with Zenoti Analytics, you can create custom
    dashboards – unique and private to your business.
  • Easier access with single sign-on
    Access analytics without a second level of authentication – just log into Zenoti and you’ll have access.

Zenoti Analytics is powerful enough for large, multi-location chains with multiple users, and easy enough for the small business with big growth plans. If you want a demo of our new Analytics solution, contact sales@zenoti.com