3 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Mother’s Day Sales

3 easiest ways to amplify your spa/salon sales this mothers day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor mom with a day of relaxation and pampering at the spa and salon.  It’s also primetime for your local competitors to cash in on one of the most popular gift and service holidays of the year.

Here are 3 of the easiest ways to amplify your Mother’s Day sales and put you ahead of the competition.

1. Mother’s Day Packages

Create special packages for Mother’s Day that provide both value and options. Some ideas to inspire you:

  • Offer any 3 services from a list of 10 for $99. When creating your list of 10 services, choose 1 or 2 popular service items, and use the remaining options to promote any new services or signature services that clients may not try otherwise.
    • If your client is purchasing this package as a gift, you should be able to issue a gift card that ensures the recipient uses the card for this promotional package.  When the mother calls in to book her appointment, the front desk should be able to present the 10 services that she can choose from.
    • You can also make this package available during the whole month of May and treat it as a general special for your entire clientele.
  •  Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get daughters and mothers in at the same time. Create a package that encourages these types of appointments.
  •  Bundle a gift card and a retail product. Gift packaging for the retail item makes this a convenient gift for your client to take home.
  • While this isn’t a package, gift cards are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Here are ideas around gift card promotions:
    • Receive $20 off every $100 gift card purchase
    • Donate 10% of gift card sales during the month of May to a charity of your choice
    • Buy a gift card for Mom and get a $5 gift card for you
    • 20% off all gift card sales the Friday before Mother’s Day

2. Give The Buyer Something Back

Encourage your clients to buy their Mother’s Day gift from you by giving them something back, for example:

  • With a purchase of $50 or more on a retail gift product, the buyer receives a gift (candles, nail polish, or lip balm) in return.
  • For a $100 gift card purchase, the buyer receives a $15 pre-paid card back.
  • For a $50 gift card purchase, the buyer receives triple the usual loyalty points.
  • For purchase of a Mother’s Day package, the buyer receive a $10 gift item.

Be creative with your free gifts and make it a fun incentive for your clients to purchase gifts for others (or themselves!) from you.

 3. Get The Word Out

You’ve planned ahead, your packages and promotions are defined, retail products ordered, and your staff is ready for a full schedule. Now it’s time to let your clients and community know that you have the perfect Mother’s Day gift. To get the word you can:

  • Send an email or text messages with your promotions to existing clients.
  • Post to your social media accounts weekly or even daily.
  • Advertise on Facebook and make use of their targeting features. Or simply “boost” a post.
  • Set up a local advertisement on Living Social or Groupon (We’ve seen mixed reviews on this, so consider the pros and cons!)
  • Advertise on local radio or TV spots
  • Update your phone greeting script so when clients call in the front desk staff reminds that you have that perfect Mother’s Day gift.
  • Implement a Mother’s Day Wish List to drive repeat business and gift sales.

And Our Pro-Tip

Good design matters! That’s why we’ve created these beautiful Mother’s Day images for you to download for free.  You can print them for your in-store promotions and use for your website, emails, and social media posts. Or enjoy as inspiration for creating your Mother’s Day-themed packages, gift cards, and special offers.


People are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts and your business has stand out as the best possibility.

It’s easy when you create the right mix of packages, incentives, retail, and gift cards; use beautiful, unique images in your marketing and promotional materials; and, get the word out with online and local promotions.  Bring these elements together and amplify your Mother’s Day sales this year.