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October 2011 Newsletter  
Wishing You a Festive, Prosperous Month!
And, New Features In This Issue.
With Dussera and Diwali fast approaching, we'd like to wish you a happy, prosperous holiday season and year ahead! This October's exciting at Zenoti, we've implemented a host of new features, big and small to further improve your experience. And, check out our feature spotlight for ideas on how to bring in the business this holiday season!
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Track and Award Employee Commissions
Use Zenoti to track employee commissions! Simply define how much you want to award employees based on job role and sales revenue. The system calculates commissions and provides reports for monitoring and accounting.

*A new learning page will go live on Oct.5th! Check out the online tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to set up and track commissions. To access, click the learning/help icon that will appear on Oct. 5th in the Employee tab.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Employee Management - Less Effort, More Capabilities!
We've added new features and made a few tweaks to employee management capabilities. You'll find that you can now choose to:
  • Automatically generate Employee Codes when you create a new employee record. Activate this feature at the organization level in the settings tab.
  • Allocate a grooming allowance for employees. When enabled, the system will allocate and track loyalty points for employees; these points can be used against services at your business. Activate this feature at the organization level in the settings tab, and specify the number of points to allocate on the employee profile page.
  • Assign and allocate special leaves. Other than regular leaves, use special leaves to award or compensate for overtime, exemplary performance, etc... To use this feature, activate it at the Organization level in the settings tab, set the balance in the employee profile and you'll then see a 'special leaves' status when defining the employee schedule. The system automatically tracks the special leave balance.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
More Flexibility with Purchase Orders and Transfers
We've made a number of improvements to inventory management, specifically around purchase orders and conducting transfers. You can now:
  • Delete a purchase order
  • Easily conduct product transfers between centers
  • Delete rows from transfers
  • Specify discounts in purchase orders and transfers

*A new learning page will go live on Oct.5th! Check out the online tutorial with details on how to use purchase orders and product transfers. To access, click the learning/help icon that will appear on Oct. 5th in the Inventory tab.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Watch for Elapsed Appointments and Lock in Appointments
Our most requested modifications to the appointment book have now gone live!

We've added a new color code to indicate appointments that have elapsed, or gone beyond their appointment time without a customer check-in. Appointment blocks, whether confirmed or not, will automatically change to a light green to indicate that the customer did not check in within the expected time. Use this feature to call the customer and rebook the appointment and use the time slot for another appointment.
The lock feature allows you to lock an appointment to a specific therapist or room based on customer request. Simply right click on the appointment block and choose "Lock Appointment" from the menu. The block displays with an outline to indicate the appointment is locked and cannot be moved.

Receptionists should use this feature, especially on busy days, to reschedule appointments that are not locked in and so fully utilize open time slots and available therapists.

For more on how most effectively book appointments, read our whitepaper 'Maximize Staff Utilization' >

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
More Flexibility With Invoices
We've added flexibility to invoices. You'll now see options to:
  • Print separate invoices for products and services, the invoices can use different company headers.
  • Print an invoice before or after payment
  • Make changes to an invoice after you've closed the payment, simply re-open the invoice and make your changes.
  • Print invoices on the device of your choice, choose between a dot matrix printer, digital printers and receipt printers.

To use these features, update the settings at the Organization page.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
Keep the Focus on Revenue!
You can now set revenue targets for individual employees as well as center level revenue targets. This helps you focus on what matters - revenue! Edit the employee profile page or the center settings page to set the revenue targets.

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software
More Insight With More Data and Updated Reports
We've added new reports designed to keep you better informed with the data you need. Check out these new reports:
  • Coupon Analysis - in the Marketing tab
  • Revenue by Service - in the Revenue Reports
  • Revenue by Product - in the Revenue Reports
  • Day's Modified Appointments - in the Daily Reports list
  • Employee Commissions & Payroll Report - modified reports in the Employee tab

Feature Spotlight - Use Marketing Features to Bring In More Business This Diwali!
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software This month, make use of Zenoti's marketing features to send Diwali greetings, encourage loyalty, and run a promotion. With powerful marketing capabilities at your finger tips, get creative with how you want to segment customers and build custom promotions.

Send all your customers Diwali greetings using the built in SMS feature. To encourage loyalty, reward your best customers with a gift they won't want to miss. And, fo your not-so-recent customers, send an offer to entice them to come in.

To do this, build a campaign that sends out sms messages, target your message using target segments for high spenders, regular customers and non-recent visitors.

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