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Feature Updates in Zenoti – June 2012

Its summer and we have been sweating it out for a different reason – to bring you the very best! As promised, each month we continue to advance the Zenoti service. Our objective is simple – to give you the most comprehensive and easy-to-use software in the industry.

In this month’s update, we bring you a bunch of new features and enhancements to our existing modules, enhanced reporting and a new module added to our product, ‘Sales’.

More Spas and Salons using Zenoti

Each month we continue to expand the family of spas and salons that are using Zenoti. Below are a few of the brands that have recently selected Zenoti. In a short span of time, Zenoti has become one of the most extensively adopted solutions in the industry.

Help at your Fingertips

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Looking for answers how to do tasks in Zenoti? Help is now at your finger tips by clicking on the support tab in Zenoti or on our website We have an array of support documents that you can refer to for any help you need. These articles address usage related queries. If you still find your queries unresolved you can always reach us by email Support@zenoti.com or call us at 040 4025 4444

Launching - Sales Management Module

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Even more ways to increase your revenue! Now, in Zenoti with introduction of new Sales module you can track every sales opportunity. While you track the value of sales opportunities, you can also define follow up dates to ensure you are not missing out on any key follow ups to sell memberships, packages etc.This also helps you to track the effectiveness of your sales team. And yes, we have some nice reports to see how you are doing.

Webinar on new feature updates

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Want an orientation about our new features? Please join us for the free online webinar on the 20th of June @ 3pm IST. Also every Wednesday @ 3pm we have webinars conducted on various topics. To learn more about it click on the link below.

Click here to register for this webinar >>.

Register for our other webinars on various topics which help you get the most out of Zenoti.

Zenoti Reports Guide

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We have the most comprehensive set of reports compared to any software in this industry. While each report is designed to be self explanatory, a comprehensive Reports Guide covering every report in our software has been published to the Learning Center page, which can be accessed from the Help link in the product. Feel free to download the guide, if required. As always when you have question about specific report you can use our support site to get answers on this.

The Feature List

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The links on the left highlight the new features in each module. Click on each link to see the cool changes we have made across the product. In order to see the full list of changes in the latest update of Zenoti, click here.

Recurring Appointments

Have a situation where a service needs to be booked multiple times across weeks or months for a guest? Such as series packages with multiple sittings or a facial service which needs to be repeated every month? Zenoti now provides you the capability to create recurring appointments with ease. Simply choose the dates from the calendar. Once created, the recurring appointments are considered as individual appointments which can be customized, such as assigning it to a therapist, room, and so on.

Rounding prices

Wish to round off invoice price and need to do that manually? Zenoti now supports rounding of invoice price. Choose whether or not you wish to round off invoice price as an Organization level setting. Also define whether you wish to round off the total price on the invoice to highest, lowest, or nearest amount.

Direct Billing from Appointments page

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Billing has never been easier. You can access the ‘Take Payment’ page directly when creating or modifying an appointment now. Upon clicking on the ‘Take Payment’ button, the appointment is automatically saved and the billing page is shown and you need not click the Save button again. This saves considerable time for front office when they need to modify appointments before processing payment or even processing payments faster for a walk-in client.

Search by invoice number or receipt number

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Wondering why a particular invoice or receipt numberis not showing in reports? Now, do this with ease by using the ‘Search Invoice/Receipt’ option on the appointment book. Information around the receipt number or the invoice number such as sale date, customer name, sale item, quantity, and so on will be shown instantly.

Block Creation of Duplicate Guest

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Having trouble with your staff creating duplicate records? With a setting in the Organization page, Zenoti will restrict the front ofice people from creating duplicate guest record with the same mobile number.

Manager Approval for Discounts

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Zenoti now allows you to restrict discount changes to an invoice, unless approved by the manager. In other words, a manager authentication will be needed to enable any manual discount adjustments in an invoice. Such discounts will also be shown in appropriate reports as discount modifications. This is an Organization level setting.

Total Outstanding Amount on the ‘Take Payment’ screen

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While an alert about total due payment by a customer is shown when you book an appointment for the guest, it is easy to miss this alert. Now, outstanding amount for a customer is also shown on the ‘Take Payment’ screen so the front office does not miss this critical information.

Auto show fields with ‘Enter’ key

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Struggling with a low bandwidth at your center? Now, you can control some of the bandwidth related issue at your end by reducing the amount of information displayed upfront. For example, when creating an appointment, fields such as phone number, first name, last name, and guest code will not auto show matching records in the center as you type, but only once you press the Enter key. Choose the ‘Autofill guest name on Enter key’ option from the Organization > Settings page to enable this.

Quick search for a service name

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Find it hard to choose a service from the ‘Service’ drop down list when booking an appointment? Now, you can type the service name in the ‘Service’ text box and the system will show matching service names to choose from. Choose as an organization level setting whether you wish to show services as a drop down list or as a auto suggest text field.

Displaying Taxes on Invoice

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When using multiple taxes, you might not want to show taxes separately for all tax types and only want to show the total tax on the invoice. Zenoti supports both, showing only total tax on the invoice or showing taxes separately on the invoice.

Extend Package or Prepaid Card Expiration

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Just like a membership expiry date, you can now also extend package and prepaid or gift card expiry date from the Guest History page.

Print Petty Cash Transactions

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Print all petty cash transactions for a particular date from the Appointment book. A ‘Print’ option is now provided on the Petty Cash page.

More Context in Alerts

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When booking multiple services for a customer, you can sometimes get an alert ‘Therapist is busy. Please update the therapist or time’, if you try to book services to a therapist which is busy with another service at the same time. More contexts has been added to such alerts on the appointment book, such that the alert now tells you the name of the therapist who is busy, making it easier for you to work with appointments.

New Guest Reports

Two new reports are added in Loyalty Guest reports: ‘Average Sales by Guest’ report and ‘Average Sales by Gender’ report. The reports show the total sale (including all items, such as service, package, membership, products, and gift card) by guests in a selected time period.

Guest reports are also grouped based on sales and revenue reports, retention reports, and new guest reports.

New ‘Feedback Details’ Report

Now, review feedback details for each invoice\receipt number in a particular time period. The invoice number, guest name, and issue are links so you can review this report with full context to invoice details and guest details.

Outstanding Balances Report

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Review guest outstanding balance based on a Date filter. Also choose whether you wish to look at outstanding balances across all centers or only the current center.

Export Issues List

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Wish to export all ‘Issues’ created in your center to Excel? This is now easy. The ‘Issues’ page now has an Export to Excel button. The guest phone number is also added on the Issue listing page for you to be able to call the customer quickly and inform them about the status of the issue.

Customize Your Account

Need to inform your manager to update your email or mobile number, as you do not have access to Employee module? Now, anyone can customize things, such as your email, mobile phone, password, and center preference upon login. The center preference is applicable if you have a multi-center setup and have a role in multiple centers and wish to define a ‘default’ center for your login.

Grooming Points Report

A new report, called ‘Grooming Points Report’ is available in the Employee module. The report shows the grooming points earned by an employee in a specific time period, the points redeemed and the balance left. Managing grooming points was never so easy!

Launching - Sales Management Module

Even more ways to increase your revenue! Now, in Zenoti with introduction of new Sales module you can track every sales opportunity. While you track the value of sales opportunities, you can also define follow up dates to ensure you are not missing out on any key follow ups to sell memberships, packages etc.This also helps you to track the effectiveness of your sales team. And yes, we have some nice reports to see how you are doing.

Handling Returns

Handling Returns from Customers
Guest wants to return a product? Now, handle product returns with ease. Simply open the previous invoice where you sold the product and click the Return link. A new invoice will be created in cases of product returns with negative value. You can choose the form of price return – whether cash or a prepaid card. Inventory and End of Day closing, in case of a cash return, honours product returns.
  Handling Returns to Vendors
  Got a faulty consignment and want to return a product or the whole consignment to the vendor? Now, your head office or whole seller center can return goods to vendors. Simply, create a purchase order to the vendor with negative value for quantity and go through the same process of creating, raising, and delivering the purchase order.

Review all returns such as customer returns, vendor returns, and all returns through a ‘Product Returns’ report in Inventory module.

Override Order Date

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Need to change the date of an order? Now, override date of a purchase order or a transfer order. You can override the creation date, the raised date and the delivery date. Of course, you need to have the required permissions in order to override dates for orders.

‘Search’ option for Products

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Having trouble finding a specific product across pages? Now, use the ‘Search’ option available on most of the Inventory module pages to find a specific product easily and quickly.

Extend Coupon Validity

Custom coupons are usually printed on a guest’s receipt with an expiration date, normally one month from the current date. Now, you can extend validity of a custom coupon from the View History page by clicking on the Expiration column. Your front office can now easily extend expiration date of a custom coupon, if required.

New Daily Reports

5 new daily reports are added:
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software ‘Center Sales’ report – Similar to Center Collection and Center Revenue reports, the Center Sales report shows sales and taxes information across services, products, memberships, packages, and gift cards.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Opportunities Modified – Review all opportunities for sales that have been modified in the selected date.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Opportunities Pending Follow up - Review all opportunities for sales that are pending for follow up, in other words, the follow up date for these opportunities has passed.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Revenue for Therapist – Shows information around various item sale and redemptions (such as service, product, membership, package, gift card, and free services) for each therapist for a specific day.
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software Service revenue – Shows cash sale and redemption details (membership, prepaid card, package, and loyalty points) around each category of service for a specific day.

New Accounting Reports

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In addition to a consolidated revenue report, now know instantly about sales across centers for all items such as services, products, membership, package, and gift card sale using the ‘Consolidated Organization Sales’ report.

In addition to a Petty Cash report, review the ‘Daily Petty Cash Details’ report to look at petty cash details per transaction, such as entered date, voucher number, type of expense, opening balance, amount, and closing balance.

Define Daily Reports for Each Center

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Do not want to send all daily reports for a specific center? Now, configure settings to define what daily reports need to be sent for each center. This will reduce the email size considerably while ensuring that only relevant daily reports for a center are sent out.

Track Reopen Appointments

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Now, track all appointments that were reopened, along with details such as who reopened, when was the appointment reopened and why using the Reopen report in the Admin mode.

Separate Product and Services
Collection Reports

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If your product sales happen through a different company than services sales, the collection reports under Daily Reports will also be shown separately for Products and Services.