Medi Spa Software
for Multiple Centers


Achieving operational excellence is harder the larger you get. With our medi spa software, you'll be able to monitor and perform tasks for the entire network of locations from a central admin office. For example:

  • Access up-to-the-minute aggregate reports and analytics for the entire organization
  • Create and deploy email and text message (SMS) marketing campaigns for the entire organization 
  • Set up a centralized reservation desk 
  • Maintain a single service menu for the entire organization, which can be tweaked for pricing and offering at the center level
  • Gain transparency into inventory orders and inventory levels and usage 


Manage By Exception

As your medical spa grows, it's impossible for you to manage every detail at every location. 

Zenoti helps you ensure every location runs optimally with alerts that notify you when a center is not running as expected. 

Alerts notify you when a center is short on appointment volumes, shows unexpected employee or customer behavior amonst many other key indicators.

See how Enrich relies on alerts to maintain operational excellence across it's 60 locations >

Zenoti Spa and Salon Software

Silkor Saves Managers 75 Hours Every Month At Every Branch

With 25 locations spread over 8 countries, Silkor requires operational excellence to maintain high quality standards and financial control over their brand. 

Silkor delights staff and customers, while growing the business read the case study >

Stay Connected From Anywhere

Stay on top of critical issues at all your medical spa locations, regardless of where you are. With real-time access to center schedules, revenue projections and alerts you can keep each center on track.

real-time access to center schedules, revenue projections and alerts
Zenoti Spa and Salon Software


Unlike any other CRM available today, we maintain only ONE profile for your customers. The entire network accesses that one profile, which makes it possible to easily support redemptions against memberships, packages, and gift cards across the network.

Thousands Of Spas Use Our Software To Drive Real Business Results