4 Unique Mobile Apps For Your Medical Spa

Mobile Apps For Your Medical Spa

Easy Medi Spa Mobile App
for Your Customers

Engage your customers with a rich mobile experience. With this mobile app your customers can:

  • Self-book appointments
  • Browse a service menu rich with images, videos and endorsed with customer reviews
  • Earn loyalty points by sharing feedback, referring friends, or even booking their appointment online
  • Receive special deals and offers
  • Check their own account for previous visit and transaction history and look up balances on memberships, packages and loyalty points.


A Mobile App For Your Managers

Ensure managers stay on top of critical issues from anywhere. Things like, taking action to fill a day's schedule, respond immediately to a customer that submits negative feedback and make sure that a valued guests' experience is perfect.

Meet Revenue Targets. Our mobile app provides real-time access to performance against revenue targets by center, employee and service categories.

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Manager Mobile App for salon

A Mobile App For Your Managers

A Mobile App For Your Employees

Employees have access to the data they need including their customers' history, preferences and consultation forms to provide an informed, personalized service. The system also ensures that only the right staff has access to customer records.

Employees can also access their own schedules, which also serves as a check against pilferage and accurate commission payouts.

Improve staff performance. Employees have full transparency into their performance with reports on punctuality, revenue, customer retention and more.

A Mobile App For
In-Store Use

You get to:

  • Collect and store patient registration and consulation forms
  • Promote your business with a rich, digital services menu
  • Increase up-sell revenue by showcasing raving customer reviews in your services menu
  • Encourage and collect feedback through a tablet-based customer feedback form 

Take your services menu completely digital. You'll be able to quickly make changes to your menu - add or remove services, showcase promotions or test market pricing. Your service menu in your center, on your website, and on your mobile apps, will always be in-sync. And, it's an easy way to go paperless!  

Take your services menu completely digital.

Spa Mobile App Features

Customer Mobile App

  • Self-book appointments. Customers create an account, view your service menu and book services.
  • Share feedback. After the customer's appointment, she enters feedback directly through the mobile app.
  • Earn loyalty points. Award loyalty points when customers self-book appointments or enter feedback.
  • Receive special promotions - Offer special packages and promotions to your mobile app users.
  • In-Store Mobile App

    • You to promote your business. The app is integrated with your Zenoti system, so create a campaign or announcement once and push to all your in-store devices
    • Customers can enter feedback directly in the app. Whether the mobile device is fixed in one place or handed to the customer after her service, feedback is submitted directly into the system. No need for paper-print outs and manual work to enter into the system


Manager Mobile App

  • Monitor appointments for the day
  • Review customer feedback
  • Call a valued or unhappy guest directly from the appointment listing
  • Track center performance and view reports
  • Access employee performance reports to conduct employee reviews
  • Enter inventory info for easier and quicker audits
  • And much more...

Employee Mobile App

  • Access their day's appointments and customer profiles
  • Review their own attendance and punctuality
  • Monitor their own performance metrics, including customer satisfaction ratings, customer retention and revenue and sales performance