Medical Spa Software That Helps
You Build Customer Loyalty

Manage Customer Relationships

Manage Customer Relationships

Maintain a centralized database for customers with service history, purchase history, balances, preferences and more.

Personalize experiences. Know your high spenders, problem makers, customers that are returning after a long absence and more.  Our software helps you make every interaction count. 

Improve Customer Retention

Convert Non-Regulars

Convert Non-Regulars

Easily identify non-regular guests and send them targeted promotions via email or SMS (text message). Use our always on campaigns for automatic triggers - you won't have to lift a finger.

Automated Loyalty Points

Automated Loyalty Points

Reward customer loyalty & grow repeat business with our built-in loyalty program. Paperless, hassle free and designed to drive real business results for you.

Track Retention Rates

Track Retention Rates

See which employees and service categories are best at retaining customers and track how well you retain first time visitors. We give you the tools you need to boost loyalty and drive retention.

Memberships & Packages

Fully automated. Set up your memberships and packages once and the software does the rest. The POS tracks balances, expiry and automatically applies redemptions. So you'll never give away extra or free sittings again. Customers can check their own balances from your website or your mobile app. You can even automate renewal communications.

Flexible. You define what services or products to include, how many credits or discounts to award.

Recurring Memberships. Award membership benefits monthly and automatically accept recurring payments. Limit what services a guest can take, roll-over unused services, and temporarily pause memberships on customer request. Everything you need to seamlessly manage your recurring memberships. 

Accept Partial Payments. Allow partial payments on specific packages or memberships. The software ensures that guests can redeem only against what they've paid for. 


Medi Spa Online Booking Software

Manage The Entire Customer Feedback Process

Customer Feedback

Collect Feedback

Customers enter feedback digitally while they're still at your medical spa . You increase feedback collection rates, the customer gets privacy and you get authentic, tamper-free feedback.

Follow-up immediately on negative feedback.

Take Action

Follow-up immediately on negative feedback. You'll be notified through alerts and our issue management system makes sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Share positive feedback on Facebook, Twitter


Share positive feedback on Facebook, Twitter, your website and even in your own digital menu, all with a click of a button.

Zenoti Customer Stories Enrich Salons grew their feedback collection from 8% to 45% and saw amazing returns. Read the case study >

Medi Spa Loyalty Programs Feature List

Store Customer Info

  • Store customer profile information
  • Automated tracking of services, purchases, memberships, etc..
  • View account balances
    and memberships
  • Store custom data, e.g., medical condition, allergies, etc.


  • Track purchase and visit history
  • Track new vs. old customers
  • Track client retention rate
  • View best sellers and big spenders

Personalize Experiences

  • Instantly recognize customer's 'type' – high spender, regular, new, etc...
  • Quickly access customer history and preferences
  • Set up custom alerts for individual customers
  • Set up automated alerts for birthdays, anniversaries, etc...
  • Store additional info for the guest or a service

Integrated with Marketing

  • Automate a loyalty points program
  • Automated personalized coupons
  • Automatic email and text messaging (birthday message or offer)