Medical Spa Software That Helps
You Manage Your Employees

Payroll, Commissions And Schedules Made Easier



The software automatically tracks payroll based on salary, leaves, hours worked and even awards penalties based on attendance.



Award commissions based on jobs, seniority, sale type and performance. We support a variety of commission models so you can automate commission calculations.

Create an employee schedule and copy forward, make adjustments, look at day, week or month views. Scheduling software that makes employee administration easier.

Easy Scheduler

Create an employee schedule and copy forward, make adjustments, look at day, week or month views. Scheduling software that makes employee administration easier.

Motivate And Retain Staff

Identify your rock-star performers and motivate staff with a transparent and unbiased method to track performance.

Our software tracks performance metrics against goals like revenue targets, customer satisfaction, retention rates, punctuality, rebookings and retail sales.

Use these metrics in 1-on-1 reviews, center performance reviews, for employee awards and to identify training needs.

Motivate And Retain Staff
Empower Your Employees

Empower Your Employees

Empower employees with access to their day's customers profiles and preference so they can provide a highly personalized experience. 

With access to their own schedules and services, employees provide a check against pilferage and have ensure accurate commission payouts.  

See better performance. Motivate and provide full transparency into each employee's individual performance with reports on punctuality, revenue and customer retention.

Automate Attendance

Automate Attendance

Use biometric check-ins for tamper free, employee check-in and check-out. The software uses the data for attendance and punctuality reports, calculates hours worked and updates salary and performance metrics.

Stop Shrinkage

Stop Shrinkage

Stop employee theft and revenue loss by mitigating pilferage whether its from stock loss, theft from the till, appointment fraud and more. Our comprehensive approach helps us protect your business.

Thousands Of Spas Use Our Software To Drive Real Business Results

Medi Spa Employee Manager Features

Streamline Administration

  • Store complete employee profiles(with designations, nick names, etc..)
  • Create and view employee schedules by day, week, month
  • Create split-shifts
  • Allocate special leaves or grooming allowance
  • Individual staff check-ins and check-outs
  • Auto track attendance & punctuality (supports biometric check-in)
  • View clients per employee
  • Track services for each employee

Payroll Support

  • Track vacation days and leaves
  • Auto calculation of payroll based on base pay, commissions, bonuses, vacation days, etc..
  • Track overtime hours and implement incentives
  • Allocate incentives like special leaves, ‘company cash’, and loyalty points
  • Flexible commission rules with criteria like role, job, tenure at company, specific services, products, discounted services, compensation services, etc..
  • Set criterias to charge penalties based on performance parameters
  • Export payroll information

Multi-Center Support

  • Assign shifts across centers

Monitor & Encourage Performance

  • Easily identify top employees
  • Auto track number of hours, revenue, utilization, customer satisfaction
  • Set and track revenue targets for the center or individuals based on roles
  • Track customer retention rates for each employee
  • Define performance against goals
  • Compare performance within a center, or across centers
  • Setup a points system for staff

Employee Mobile App

  • Give employees access to performance reports